God Ganesha is one of the popular Hindu Gods. Lord Ganesha is elephant headed God in Hinduism known as Lord Ganesha the God of beginning. Once Lord Ganesha was blessed by Goddess Laxmi by a boon that He well be worshiped first before all in Gods & Goddesses. By this blessing and being the Lord of wisdom & remover of obstacles God Ganesha become the Lord of beginnings & Vighneswra.

Shree Ganesh

Lord Ganesha

In every Hindu ritual the Lord is worshiped before starting worship, ritual sacrifice (ygyas or yahjnas), and starting one’s work. In Hinduism the Hindu people always substitute the term of the beginning of any task with the word “Shree Ganesh”. The word “Shree Ganesh” becomes the synonym of beginning in Hinduism.

Hindu God Ganesha

Hindu God Ganesha

Lord Ganesha has many incarnations like Lord Vishnu. Lord Ganesha has eight main incarnations. According to the Mudgalpurana, the incarnations are: Vakratunda, Ekdunta, Mahodara, Gajanana, Lambodara, Vikata, Vighnaraja, and Dhoomravarna. God Ganesha does have an elephant trunk in every single one of these incarnations. Most of his lives seem to involve slaying demons. But each lifetime was different in some way, and his mode of carriage – the animal He rode, changed in certain lifetimes like: – in one life He rode a peacock and in another He traded his ever-reliable mouse, for a noble lion. There is an easy to notice symbolic function in these eight incarnations.

In each lifetime, Ganesha fought against and subdued a different demon. Each demon relates to a flaw in human nature, something which needs to be overcome before one can become a Higher Man. The eight weaknesses which Ganesha spent eight lifetimes overcoming are: jealousy, drunkenness, illusion, greed, anger, desire, egotism, and self-infatuation.